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Open Source and Open Standards in Ecommerce

The commonness of digital technology and devices, computers and networking is rapidly and drastically changing lifestyles, cultures and societies as a whole.
Currently there is a heavy reliance on computer networks, computers and fully-functional information structures by both small and major businesses. Generally speaking, a majority of the population has become dependent on the use of digitally enabled devices like mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), computers/laptops, digital music players and more importantly the internet in their daily schedules and work.
The digital revolution that today's population are experiencing will have a lasting and major consequence on the evolution of future societies, since the management of knowledge and information systems are and will continue to be handles by computers and digital devices. The emergence of concepts like open standards and open sources also force other issues like intellectual property, resource sharing and control, software standards, hardware standards and network standards to also surface. It is imperative to identify the two concepts being discussed in order to assess their direct impact in terms of electronic commerce.
Open standards and OSS represents a departure from the usual model followed by companies that handles proprietary software as it i ...
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The paper intends to provide a critical evaluation on two concepts that have enormous impact on the manner electronic commerce is currently and will likely be handled in the future: open source and open standards. The paper also aims to explain typical misconceptions and clarify fundamental terms that are instrumental in the further understanding of the subject.
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