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Video Compression

But, the challenge for this technology is how to reduce image and digital video data rates.
This concise report gives an overview on the main features of video compression and different techniques used in this technology. And due to the rapid changes in this technology, online resources were the best choice for the content of this report. The report starts with video compression definitions, the report justifies the need for video compression. Then, gives a quick overview of the main standards used in video compression and a comparison of techniques used in this technology followed by factors to choose from different techniques. And in order to realize the fact of video today the report listed some of the problems with digital video. Finally, the report gives a conclusion and presents some future directions for the video compression technology.
Jim Duber once said, "The best description of compression is the one that said "Compression" is like making orange juice concentrate. Fresh oranges go in one end and concentrate comes out the other. The concentrated orange juice takes up less space, is easier to distribute, and so forth. ...
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With the evolution of consumer electronic products, everything became digital audio, telephone, video, photography, newspapers.etc. So, the question -as mentioned by Alain Bouffioux (2006)- is not if a selected product will become a digital one; the question is when this product going to be digital' And how' New products already combine the three domains consumer/computer/communication (e.g…
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