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Fires in the Built Enviornment

Fire alarms must be kept at home, so that intimate the fire services immediately if an accident takes place. People should be aware of the conditions under which these accidents occur. They must be educated on how to handle the situation and to provide first aid. (House and building fires 2002)
Many house hold fire accidents are increasing day by day. As there are a number of electrical appliances being used, the chance of a fire accident is higher. It can be avoided if people are more alert and cautious. Fire accidents that occur in buildings are more dangerous as it takes more time to put off the fire. Another reason is it will start spreading to the houses nearby. Rather than thinking of costly fire protection tools and machines, one can practice the ways of preventing it.
The most important aspect is the fire exit. Fire exit must be situated at a place that can be easily accessed. Proper ventilation should be done in all the houses. Fire alarms should be in working condition and they must also be kept in an easy to access position. Fire extinguishers are of various types and should be used depending on the situation. (David 2009).
The fire extinguishers and alarms must be maintained so that it works properly during accidents. Electrical equipments must be well maintained and if there is any problem in wiring it should be repaired immediately. ...
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Fire accidents are one of the fatal deadly accidents. Precautions should be taken to avoid these accidents. Fire extinguishers and other first aid items like water and sand will help at times of fire accidents. There has been an increase in the number of fire accidents in the recent years…
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