Quality Management And Reliability

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1. The domestic freezer can be regarded as a time-dependent unit, as it functions continuously over a period. It is a reparable unit, and is also meant to function under specific conditions. In the context of the reliability concept, the freezer's reliability is the probability that it will perform successfully (freeze the things placed in it) over a period of time without a breakdown.


It is also encapsulated. Its mission is to successfully perform the freezing of items placed in it.
2. The fire extinguisher in a warehouse must be stored under specified conditions. It is a device which functions on demand; hence it is time-dependent. Its mission can be described as the successful emission of gas when required, to put out fire in the warehouse.
Temperature conditions in the warehouse must not fall below a certain critical level, as this may affect the condition of the gas in the extinguisher container; surrounding temperatures must also not rise above a certain value, as this may damage or change the constitution of the extinguisher-gas, or even cause it to evaporate altogether over time. The extinguisher's valve may be vulnerable to physical damage-an aspect of mechanical stress- depending on where and how the device is kept in the warehouse. The extinguisher is subject also to physical damage through reckless handling, or if it takes hard knocks by falling from a height, etc. The extinguisher in the warehouse may actually be required to function under conditions of varying operating stress, and perhaps environmental extremes.
3 A car can be regarded as a time-dependent system, as it is essentially required to function demand, albeit regularly. ...
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