Documentary Films

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The documentary is stylistically viewed in terms of being a non-narrative genre of film. In fact, the term documentary is actually a rather broad umbrella term that covers a wide variety of sub-genres, some of which may seem contradictory to each other. For instance, some documentaries strive to present as objective a perspective as possible using a stationary camera and static interviews.


The deliberate and chilling procession by Adolf Hitler's toward his place of honor above and away from everybody else stands as a symbol of his rise from lowly and anonymous soldier to destroyer of worlds. When the madman rise to the stand where his beady eyes survey the glory that has been created to extol his own particular brand of insanity, he becomes far more than just a small town boy made good; he is a god. In keeping with the title of Riefenstahl's account, Hitler in that moment becomes nothing less than the very epitome of the people's triumph of the will. No longer just a single entity, he transforms into a symbol of the German character.
Documentary films come with a built-in advantage that dramatic films lack: audiences have been conditioned to expect that this genre of cinema will accurately reflect reality while presenting substantiated factual materials. ...
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