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WiMAX and HFC Technologies

As Wanczyk2 (who is this) writes, today, cable modems and DSL connections serve an increasingly large portion of the online community. Current estimates expectHe estimated that over 40% of online households in the United States to rely on broadband connections by 2006 (did this prediction bear out seeing 2006 is almost over); those same estimates indicateand that the top fifteen DSL providers worldwide boast a market share of over 80% and his prediction seems to come true.3
Also the established telecom firms have the resources to continue investing in technological improvements to match consumer expectations. Large companies like Time Warner Cable, SBC Communications, AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast are about to continue dominating the marketplace because they hold the first-mover advantagebenefit over any potential entrant firms.
However cable ISP companies face the problem of emerging competitive new technologies. Is it quite possible for the entrant firms to come in the market and take advantage of new technology, when the existing (especially large) firms have too complicated infrastructure to do it so quickly as it is necessaryessential.
The relativecomparative ease of setting up wireless networks could aidassist the efforts of entrant firms, as they fightstruggle for a share of the Internet access market. ...
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The primary challenge all ISP operators face is satisfying the growing expectations of users for more capable, easier-to-use and more universally available communications and broadband services. All customers, both corporations and individual users, tend to pay less and to receive more qualitativebetter (qualitative) services…
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