Critically evaluate the new developments on Destination Management Systems

Critically evaluate the new developments on Destination Management Systems Essay example
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Title: Evaluation on the New Developments on Destination Management Systems Introduction: When a tourist destination is taken into concern, it involves all features of a product, a service, and facilities that can be provided to the customers, meaning the tourists.


Responsibilities for planning, marketing and coordination of the tourist destinations are either managed by the actors of the public sector or stakeholders of tourism industry who are in partnerships with each other. Management of destinations involve several major steps, such as mass advertising, offering customers with recommended services, offering guidance related to travel and destinations, and being strategically responsible for the travel of the customers (Prideaux, Moscardo and Laws 2006). Developments in destination management systems are mostly taken care of by public tourist organizations that have high provisions for all information and marketing. Destination management systems are responsible for the promotion, distribution, and operations of all destinations of small to medium sizes. Greater benefits are obtained from small and medium sized tourism and hospitality enterprises (SMTEs). Thus destination management systems act as a boundary between the enterprises offering destination services and the agencies and consumers (Pizam and Holcomb 2013). The present study focuses on an evaluation of the new developments in destination management systems considering an in-depth knowledge and understanding of destination management systems and its stakeholders, as well as its facilities of online marketing of a destination. ...
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