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LONDON SOUTHBANK UNIVERSITY UK VISA REGIME The Impact of Tourism Visa on the United Kingdom Stephanie Calderon & Sharon Davis 10/26/2013 Introduction This present paper primarily seeks to investigate the United Kingdom’s tourism visa requirements and related polices, and the impact they have on the United Kingdom as a whole.


This analysis will further look into the current legislations/ regulations, the adjoining problems with tourism visa, and the key facts and figures about the tourism visa. In addition, the study will look into the reason why the issues relating to UK’s tourism visa have risen and why there needs to be a change in the policies. This discussion will include who wins and who losses in the current state and even when there will be a change in the policies. Afterwards, the study will explore the policy options that are available going forward, and lastly the recommended way forward about UK’s tourism visa. Background review of the United Kingdom’s tourism sector According to Lickorish and Middleton (2013), the United Kingdom’s tourism sector is a major source of foreign income earner for the country and statistics show that it is the third highest foreign exchange earner for the country after the financial service industry and the chemicals industry. Moreover, the statistics indicate that the tourism sector is the sixth largest industry in the country and it nets more than GBP 115 billion annually for the country’s economy, which translates to 9% total contribution to the economy. In regards to employment, it is noted that it provides employment to more than two million people within the United Kingdom. ...
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