Examine the extent to which success in attracting tourists to a destination is less the product of public sector development str - Essay Example

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Examine the extent to which success in attracting tourists to a destination is less the product of public sector development str

Tourism organizations’ managers in private and public organizations need to be well informed strong understanding and command of consumer behaviour as the growth of this industry highly depends on consumer behaviour. In addition to this, commercial interest also needs to be considered in order to develop tourism strategies. What public sector development strategies are typically used to encourage tourism? The public sector organizations introduce several development strategies in order to encourage the tourism. First of all, the public sector organizations generally formalize the tourism industry engagement programs and activities. In these programmes, the organizations invite the board and industry members to discuss over the strategy development process. Globalization and technological revolution is motivating the public sector organizations to target potential customers through online marketing and promotional strategies (Hall and Page, 2006, pp.96-117). Each and every public sector organization is developing attracting website that can provide entire information about the destinations, events and package price to the target customers. ...
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Tourism Table of Contents Discussion 3 Conclusion and Recommendation 8 References 9 Discussion Tourism is considered as one of the profitable industries for several developed and developing countries. Significant growth of this tourism industry is effectively contributing to the growth of the economic development of these countries…
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