how does themed hotels affect the tourism industry

how does themed hotels affect the tourism industry Lab Report example
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The Effect of Themed Hotels to the Tourism Industry Name: Institution: Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Abstract 3 Introduction 4 Facts/Findings 4 Discussion/Analysis 6 Looking for a Theme Hotel, many themed hotels are built proximal to the casinos. In addition to that, the site also states that people make the choice of obtaining their services from themed hotels as a way of looking for something different from what they are used to.


In case of the local tourists visiting the hotels for their services, the choice of themes to be used should not be of the local culture. It has to be something new since they are used to whatever is in the locality. 7 To sum up the discussion section of this research study, it should be noted that management of any business enterprise is very vital. These hotels if well managed will not only benefit the owners but also the nation in which a given hotel is found. This is through earning the nation foreign exchange, which in turn helps in sky rocketing the country’s economy. This will end up improving the living standards of the citizens. 7 Conclusion/Recommendations 8 References 10 Abstract The main purpose behind conducting this study was to investigate the effect of themed hotels on the tourism industry. The researcher mainly collected information from secondary sources to make the analyses, recommendations and conclusion of this report. The findings of the study outline how the tourism industry is influenced by the type of hotel in question. At the end of it, there are some recommendations, which if put in action, can propel the industry to rise higher and higher. ...
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