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Name: School: Course Title: Topic: Location Based Information Delivery in Tourism Lecturer: Date of Submission: LOCATION BASED INFORMATION DELIVERY IN TOURISM Introduction The phenomenon of global village has not only come about people through the power of the internet, people can be at one point of the world and access information from all other parts of the world.


Leading on from here, the number of tourist sites and services that a person may have at disposal upon visiting a single country is so much. In some cases, the planning of tourism trips has become a problem for travelers when it comes to destination and services selection. It is from this point that the need for the use of information and community technology in making the situation easier becomes necessary. This paper therefore looks at the designing of a location based information delivery system that makes it possible for tourists to access information from various tourism locations and also exchange information to such locations to make the reception of tourism services easier. The researcher opines that this location based information delivery in tourism will serve a two-tier purpose of benefiting both the tourist as a service user and the tourism operators as service providers. More specifically, the destination to be used in this location based information delivery is Ottawa in Canada, which is one of Canada’s four largest tourism metropolitan areas (O’Grady and O’Hare, 2002). ...
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