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SUMMARY IN TOURISM Name Institution Date In 1986, Tourism undergraduate degrees were established; this led to the increase in the number of courses at undergraduate level. Moreover, there has been significant growth in the provision of postgraduate courses.


In 1992, 14 tourism courses in universities were introduced among others in different parts. This article is intended to review the term” vocationalism”, it also brings out the typology to highlight degree content, the influence of this industry on the curriculum in various learning institutions. Vocationalism in the context of tourism studies refers to competence-based qualifications, and to have appropriate balance between practice and theory. Any vocationalism consideration in terms of tourism studies requires mentioning the National Vocational Qualification. That is why, National Council for Vocational Qualifications was established at five levels. Level four entails complex technical, specialist and professional work activities including those associated with design planning and problem solving techniques. The article that should emphasize on flexibility and flatter management hierarchies that has led to the recommendation of generic core of knowledge and skills, it also gives individuals the concept of connective specialization (Pender & Sharpley, 2004). Students are given opportunity to make choices and combine different kinds of teaching and learning methods in order to meet their target. ...
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