Tourism Management

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Management of the environmental and socio-cultural impacts of tourism is necessary Contents Introduction 3 Environmental impact of tourism 3 Positive impact of tourism on environment 4 Negative Impact on environment 5 Socio-cultural impact of tourism 7 Positive impact of tourism on socio-cultural aspects 7 Negative impact of tourism on socio-cultural aspects 8 Managing environmental and socio cultural impact of tourism 10 Conclusion 12 References 14 Introduction Tourism is the largest industry of the world and it accounts for almost 5.5% of the total Gross National Product and 6% of the global employment.


Most of the developing countries promote tourism considering the perspective of economic development. However, tourism must be seen in a broader context of development as it has the potential to impact the socio economic aspects, and environmental aspects on the destination tourist regions (Batta 2000). There is presence of cumulative relationship between the development of tourism, the environment and the socio-economic environment. For tourism to contribute to the sustainable development, it must be ecologically and environmentally sensitive, economically viable and culturally appropriate (Reisinger and Dimanche 2009). There are both positive and negative impacts of tourism on socio-cultural and environmental aspects. It is essential to manage these impacts by encouraging positive ones and doing away with negative ones through appropriate planning and strategies. Sustainable development is possible through necessary management of tourism. Environmental impact of tourism In context of tourism industry, the environment performs three vital functions. ...
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