Module Title: Sustainable Tourism Practice & Planning

Module Title: Sustainable Tourism Practice & Planning Assignment example
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Sustainable Tourism Practice & Planning (Cancun) 09-11-2011 Sustainable Tourism Practice & Planning Introduction: Cancun, a once near-desolate barrier island, has now turned into a 21st century tourist heaven. What began as a small fishing island, surrounded by dense unexplored jungle and vast virgin beaches, is now a renowned vacation spot and the epicenter of Mexican tourism industry.


Years later, on February 3, 2007, the World Tourism Organization, awarded the Best of the Best "for excellence and good governance" to the Trust for Tourism Promotion of Cancun. Primarily, the city is divided into two major parts. A long strip of island known as the Hotel Zone, is the major attraction of tourists and houses most of the resorts, hotels and condominiums. The island, actually a part of the world’s second longest coral reef, also consists of a lagoon with an array of restaurants, shopping malls and golf courses along with night clubs, bars and other recreational spots. The Downtown area is almost at complete contrast to the Hotel Zone. Here, the glitz and glamour dies down. The Downtown area is structured in the form of numbered ‘Superblocks’ where hotel workers and employees of the Hotel Zone reside. The Downtown area extends further into under-developed shanties made out of scrap wood and partitions which provide shelter to the even poorer population. Here, the living conditions are so appalling, that the charm and attractions of the Hotel Zone seems like a far cry. The problems in these areas are so serious, that Cancun is being propelled towards its doom. ...
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