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The Barrens Quest: Film Summaries Assignment

Constantly governments of all states try to solve the problem of environmental protection, bringing up and discussing this vital question on various summits and conferences. However, many companies continue to increase production rate, ignoring high level of pollutions, as long as their performance gives favorable economic effect. The idea of environmental protection is more clearly depicted in the documentary by Peter Blow that is called “The Barrens Quest”, which compels its viewers to ponder over the problem of ecological future more deeply. The stated movie tells about the potential of Canada, or more exactly about the wealth of the territory that is situated three hundred kilometers to north-east from Yellowknife. The largest diamond field is located in that region, which brings huge annual profits. However, despite significant economic benefits, there are a lot of antagonists of the mining industry, which evokes irreversible changes of the atmosphere. Hence, underground tunnels deform landscapes, destroy plants and alter habitat of animals. Because of the pipes that lie beneath some lakes, all the water has to be drained off for the sake of mining. ...
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The Barrens Quest Economic, social, political, scientific and ecological development of the world depends on the human activity drastically that may cause as positive as negative causes simultaneously…
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