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Assignment example - Consultancy

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Consultancy Introduction: The main task of this study is to conduct a survey on Bodensee market, aiming to capture the market situation and current issues relevant for Lohospo entering in this market. Lohospo is the provider of certain booking websites to distribute holiday homes…

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The study includes current rate of potential hosts, holiday’s homes, and bed and breakfasts of Bodensee market and also the way in which this hosts are mainly attract there guests. “Bodensee Standort Marketing GmbH (BSM - Lake Constance Region Location Marketing) is a supraregional business promotion service and contact partner for the international business region of Lake Constance” (Bodensee Standort Marketing GmbH n.d.) and at the same time there are also lots of competitors in the market, who are offering online booking services. The main purpose of the Individual Consultancy Study is to offer useful foundation to motivate interest of the private sector. The findings will outline a sound foundation for the private sector to carry out further research in development plans on Bodensee market. Purpose of the Study: The Government is open-minded on the growth of Bodensee market. Demand of the Market will be the driving factor for such growths. Any growth will have to take into consideration the environmental insinuations and guarantee sustainability. The Tourism Commission is a co-organizing party in government to manage tourism developments in Bodensee market. The Tourism Commission will carry on playing the helping role in promoting the private sector with additional explore suggestions for Bodensee market. ...
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