Tourism Essay On Turkey

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Turkey is the 37th largest country in the world, and it is the 18th most populated with 72 million people living here. After the downfall of the Ottoman Empire in 1923, Turkey was established as a secular and constitutional republic. The tactical position of Turkey historically as well as geographically has made it a fusion of eastern and western traditions.


Elements of Traditional Turkish Culture and Arab Culture observed in Turkey The constitution of Turkey has given everybody the right to choose their religious beliefs. However, despite of that the traditional Turkish culture and Arab culture exert a great influence over the life of people here. As in other Arab cultures, Islam holds significant place in the lives of Turks since most of them are Muslims. The Quran and the actions of the Prophet (the Sunnah) shape the basis of all religious and daily practices of the Turks. As per traditional Arab culture, family relationships hold the utmost position in the people’s lives. The father is positioned as the supreme head of the family though today, the mother enjoys equal rights. However, in most small towns and villages, till today the father is supposed to play the role of the boss and protector of the family whereas mothers are responsible for looking after the daily chores of the household. Children are expected to give respect to elders and support when they are old; and it is the duty of the elders to provide financial and emotional support to children when they are young. Every family member is supposed to help each other in the hour of need in every possible way. The segregation of sexes can still be seen in small towns and villages. ...
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