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Alternative Tourism [Name] [Date] Introduction Under conditions of modern globalized world there are many different options for development of various human activities. Cultural interchange between different countries and the ability of one country to support developing nations by means of tourism cannot be denied as a perfect alternative of economic and social development of the country.


These tourists want to gain more profound experiences in the countries of their destinations. In such a way, tourists are able to get acquainted with the authentic experiences of source cultures and be involved in the culturally-marked activities of the local communities. Very often alternative tourism is criticized for a major focus of tourism developers on financial gains and not cultural interchange between the tourists and the local communities (Shilling 2007; Tappe, 2011). Further on the paper is focused on alternative tourisms, mass tourism and sustainable tourism. Mass tourism, alternative tourism and sustainable tourism There is a need to create sustainable places for tourism and it requires cooperation of tourism developers and community developers. Alternative tourism is more specific than mass tourism due to abundance of cultural traditions and customs, which are available for tourists. In the mass tourism the visitors are looking for the sun, the sea and sand. Therefore, they do not have culturally-specific needs and they need only to have rest. The key concepts of mass tourism are focused on reduction of direct participation and communication with the locals. ...
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