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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Operation Management Tourism industry is among sectors that will face the impact of London Olympics Games. The concern of the industry is how to deal with the large number that the industry anticipates to meet. Hospitality industry would benefit from the activities of people who will come for Olympics.


Handling the transport of the visitors is a major concern for tourist sector because it would influence the activities of major hotels that would be hosting visitors (Alcantara, 2012:1). A delay created by the transport department would reverberate to influence programs of tourism industry. The intention of this paper is to investigate London 2012’s, current transportation network, and how it may affect the transfer of clients during the duration of their stay. The paper will recommend how tour operator business can ensure good performance while delivery high quality. London has embarked on infrastructure development, which includes building of rail line, expansion of roads as well refurbishing of personal houses be individuals. The private sector expects to rent their apartments to Olympics tourists. Stores have made adequate arrangement for goods in the wake of the Olympics. Goal of London Olympics Olympics has diverse goals which aim at creating development opportunities, promoting women interest, protecting athletics, creating of avenues, which bring sustainable development and creating sporting opportunity during summer. The current situation London transport system depends on the services of trains, roads, underground trains, and air transport. ...
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