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Tourism Planning

The planning and management of the places where the destination of tourists will be is less common and equally valuable.  The community or destination level is where the organization and the development of the visitor’s attractions and services respectively. Many communities have shown their need to respond and act in the approach to tourism (Richards, 2000:17). They are also showing their concern over what is developed, the way promotion is done, and the impact it may have in regard to economic, social and the environmental factors.  Tourism planning is much improving and developing new and better attractions. It increased the number of visitors or seeking to boost profits. Rather, it was all trying to promote orderly development of the industry. In the destination planning, setting goals and objectives for the industry is done (Gunn, 2002:33). The Unitary Development Plan was set mainly for managing the growth and development in the borough (Sharma, 2004:54). It was adopted in the year 2007, and a couple of policies have been saved for further three years as from August 2010. It sets out Camden’s aims and priorities for using the land in the Borough and policies to be used to achieve it through the planning decisions. This was done to fulfill the objectives and priorities contained in Camden Community Strategy and council strategies.  The plan’s aim is to achieve sustainable new development of high quality in most suitable locations. It also played the role of protecting and enhancing their built and natural environment. ...
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In the paper “Tourism Planning” the author analyzes tourism planning. Planning is extremely important for tourism as a sector as it will help increase the efficiency of an organization, reduces the risks, which may occur in today’s business activities.

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