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on Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Hieroglyph is a word coined from a Greek vocabulary “hieroglyphikos”. This is a compound word that is made up of the words hieros meaning 'sacred' and glypho meaning '? carve or engrave'. The compound word hieroglyphikos, therefore, stands for 'the sacred engraved letters'. Over the years, hieroglyph has officially become a recognized noun that is used in the English language. In English it stands for a single hieroglyphic letter or character. Grammatically speaking, hieroglyphic is an English adjective although every very often, it is mistakenly used as an English noun. Discussion The Egyptians were very artistic people. Even before adopting literacy, they were very artistic. This is attributed to the creation of the Hieroglyphs. They for instance engraved artistic symbols on pottery. These engraved symbols resemble the Hieroglyphs very closely. Excavations in Egypt culminated in the discovery of the Narmer Palette. This was in the late 19th Century. The Narmer Palette was for a long time over the years the only known hieroglyphic inscription. It was scientifically traced back to 3200 BC. In recent years, around 1998, another major discovery was made. Gunter Dreyer, a German archaeologist uncovered a tomb in which he found three hundred clay labels that had hieroglyphs. ...
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPHS Introduction The Egyptian hieroglyphs were an ancient writing system that was formally employed in writing by the Egyptians. It made use of both pictures and letters elements. The Egyptians used this form of writing for religious writings…
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