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Great Philosopher Aristotle

Aristotle had been very influenced by Plato although he did not agree with all his thinking, such as his theory of forms. As Michael V. Wedin claims in The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy “Aristotle early on developed a keenly independent voice that expressed puzzlement over such Platonic doctrines as the separate existence of Ideas and the construction of physical reality from two-dimensional triangles.” Aristotle replaced this with his own theory of substance and further elaborated this into his theory of knowledge via his thinking on sensation and reason and the way in which he linked these properties of “man”. He also formalized abstract thought when he developed his universal method of reasoning. Not only does Aristotle’s philosophy underpin much of today’s Western thought and politics, but it also lays the foundations to modern Scientific Method. His system of inferential logic, or syllogistic reasoning, or categorical logic, has remained the major logical system of the Western world for many centuries. As the online Stanford Encyclopaedia says, “Although today we recognize many forms of logic beyond Aristotle's, it remains true that he not only developed a theory of deduction, now called syllogistic but added to it a modal syllogistic and went a long way towards proving some meta-theorems pertinent to these systems.”In his Prior Analytics Aristotle says that a syllogism is “a discourse in which, a certain thing being stated, something other than what is stated follows of necessity from being so”. ...Show more


The author of this essay "Great Philosopher Aristotle" casts light on an outstanding philosopher. According to the text, son of the scientist and surgeon Nicomachos, Aristotle was interested in science right from the start, an interest he pursued as an adult scholar…
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Great Philosopher Aristotle essay example
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