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They would talk, debate, and discuss about politics, science, the natural world, and about God." Later, following Plato's death and his travels in Assos and Lesbos, where he studied and thought of God, the world about him, and his fellow humans, Aristotle established the Lyceum, his own school. Here, he focussed on teaching abstract principles formalising them into logical treatises of philosophy, politics and scientific reasoning. Before his death in Chalcis, Aristotle was accused of impiety and fled Athens, fearing a death such as that which had befallen Socrates before him. Much of Aristotle's work has been lost though as Michael W. Wedin points out in The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy, (45) "What remains is an enormous body of writing on virtually every topic of philosophical significance. Much of it consists of detailed lecture notes, working drafts, and accounts of his lectures written by others."
Aristotle had been very influenced by Plato although he did not agree with all his thinking, such as his theory of forms. As Michael V. ...
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Perhaps the most influential of all philosophers, Aristotle was born in Stagira in 384 B.C. Son of the scientist and surgeon Nicomachos, he was interested in science right from the start, an interest he pursued as an adult scholar. As a teenager, he arrived in Athens to study with Plato in his Academy defying his father's wish that he study medicine…
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