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Coporate Governance

Definition of corporate social responsibility also includes the broader concept of economic, environmental, and social sustainability. CSR is a fundamental part of an integrated set of principles applied to the management of business. A business model should integrate economic performance with environmental and social values. This is a good definition of corporate social responsibility.
The Boeing Company is the world's leading aerospace company, with its heritage mirroring the history of flight. It is the largest manufacturer of satellites, commercial jetliners, and military aircraft. The company is also a global market leader in missile defense, human space flight, and launch services.
in the cabins and cockpits of many jets manufactured. Use of an overly harsh cleaning fluid on fuel tanks caused the inner coating of the tanks to flake off. Fuel tank repairs were made after the tanks had been
Boeing has managed to stifle environmental reforms, become the state's second-worst polluter in a region renowned for its environmental awareness, and avoid serious scrutiny from the media, the public and even environmentalists. ...
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To us governance is the guiding principle for how we run the business. We have run our business in a manner that creates and sustains a financially strong organization, which takes its social and environmental responsibilities seriously. Today, governance has come to be defined by others as identifying specific structures; controls and processes to ensure the interests of shareowners are protected.
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