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Advanced business analytic

This paper is an executive summary of the case study on Project planning and project success by Dov Dvir et al.The increase in the management of business through projects and the increase in the complexity of project management The fact that planning is integral to project management is being analysed in this paper. The authors through an empirical analysis present the benefits of project planning for success in projects. The paper also presents an analysis on various aspects of project planning and project success from various perspectives.Project Planning: Project in itself is considered as a unique endeavour to accomplish a specific or a set of goals Richard Newton (2005). He further states that the project being the integration of a set of complex tasks makes it clear that planning is an essential element for success. Furthermore, it is also agreed that the planning is a complex process and not always achievable in case of projects as the outcome of a project tend to change with the end user requirements.Although it is widespread that the project planning is a complex process not able to accomplish in its entirety for a project, the process of not creating a plan would probably lead to failure as argued by Dov Dvir et al (2002). The authors also state that a milestone based planning of the projects is a more successful and reliable method of planning as opposed to the planning in its entirety. ...
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This paper is an executive summary of the case study on Project planning and project success by Dov Dvir et al.The increase in the management of business through projects and the increase in the complexity of project management …
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