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Online Marketing

It critically assesses the distinctiveness of the marketing strategy approach of these companies, when compared to traditional retailers.
It also tries to predict the likely future of retailing and the role on online retailers. It finally discusses more general implications for strategy theory and practice of the growth of online retailers.
Online retailing refers to the process enabling consumers to buy goods and services through the Internet, with the retailer being referred to as a virtual store, online store, web-store, web-shop, internet shop, e-store or online shop. It is a type of electronic commerce used for business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) transactions. This form of shopping has penetrated many aspects of our life, especially since the 1990s, linking us to a capitalist way of life in our everyday living. It enables us purchase whatever we require, whenever we require it.
Online stores have the advantage of convenience since they are available round the clock and the buyers can access them from at the convenience of their homes and work. This is unlike the traditional physical stores that can only be accessed during the official working hours. Moreover, many online stores give links to supplementary product information like manufacturer's specifications, demonstrations, safety procedures and instructions. ...
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The Internet, Intranet and call centre technologies have changed strategy and marketing strategy practices. They have sparked the growth of new types of business and have affected the business models, strategies and tactics of competitors, across industries and sectors…
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