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Management of Organisational Behaviour

The resultant effects of these problems are that output of the supplies department is less than optimal and the service it renders to its customer is poor.
As most of you are aware, the institutions this department services provide essential needs and services to the populace of Glent County. The inability therefore of our department to adequately meet their supply needs can adversely affect their effectiveness in discharging essential services to the county. When symptoms of an illness are noted, they often point to an underlying cause. If this cause can be identified and remedied, the symptoms would vanish and health restored. A stitch in time, we are told saves nigh. There is no point in allowing the illness to fester on, when remedial action can be taken. In the same akin, the problems of Glent county supplies department cannot remain unattended to. It must be addressed in a comprehensive manner. An all -out organizational re-engineering and renewal is needed.
In the few months that we have been at Glent county supplies department, these are some of our observations. There are too many rules that govern behavior at this department. The organizational chain of command is unduly long. Decision- making is over centralized. The outcome is that a simple task takes a long period of time to get done. ...
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Glent County Supplies Department is entrusted with the responsibility of meeting the purchasing needs of schools, social services, building, works and architects departments and other institutions that provide essential services in the Glent County. The supplies department, as we see it, is presently ill…
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