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Service and Relationship Marketing

Changes have to be brought in with a strategic marketing approach on the basis of the service and relationship marketing. "Relationship marketing is not only a new or improved way of communicating with customer it is much more than that." (Gronroos 2007, p. 43).
Werribee Park is situated in Australia. It is one of the oldest parks with a past tale of love and betrayal. It was a part of older England that situated in the centre of Victoria and also Werribee Park hall is the largest personal house ever constructed in Victoria. Park envelops 40,500 hectares and the homes have 60 quarters. "The Ministry of Tourism adopts many policies to counteract hurdles and obstacles which come in the way of the development of Tourism in a country. Policies adopted by Ministry of Tourism are aimed at enhancing services and tourism tools to attract as many tourists as possible." (Tourism industry growth, n.d.). The Victorian government has formed a scheme of almost13 Maritime Nationwide Parks and 11 minute Maritime Sanctuaries. All these recreational areas and sanctuaries at present guard almost 5.3% of Victoria's waters protect significant maritime territory and genus, important normal features, artistic tradition and artistic values. Visitors of the Park can take pleasure in an idle setting. ...
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This paper is fundamentally concerned about service and relationship marketing in the tourism industry, with special reference to Werribee Park in Victoria, Australia. Through efficient ecological and tourist administration, Parks Victoria is devoted to protecting the ordinary and inheritance principles of the Werribee parks, coves and stream, consisting complete guard of sensitive regions…
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