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Sustainable Tourism Solutions

They should contribute positively to intercultural tolerance and understanding and also take part in the community based organizations aimed at conserving the environment (Edgell, 2006).
Traditional tourism based on the carrying capacity led to the damaging of the economy, culture and the environment of the tourist's destinations. Through this approach, the local people experienced negative effects on their local economy, their cultures were diluted and their environment was severely damaged. Traditional tourism could in most cases result to both social and economic costs to the locals. The traditional tourism exerted a lot pressure on the natural environment and resources. The disposal of solid and liquid waste arising from the tourism is a major problem to most of the developing countries; due to lack of capacity to treat such wastes (United Nations, 2001).
The disposal of such wastes in their untreated form contributes significantly to the reduction of natural resources such as the fresh water. ...
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Economists around the world predict that the growth in international tourism will continue to be experienced into the future. The tourism industry has been recognized as one of the fastest growing sectors. Its continued growth poses numerous challenges on biological ecosystems and indigenous culture around the world since the industry interacts very closely with the two factors…
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