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Job Application

In other words, I know that I should be very discrete in choosing job openings I wish to pursue so I can be successful in my pursuit. Despite the immediate need of finances, I know that I should not jump to a job because it fills my pocket. I made it a point to make myself well-informed. I took the time to research on newspapers, advertising and company announcements. All these in consideration, I decided I would pursue a customer related position at _________________.
Upon determining the job opening of my choice, I concentrated on finding out the details about the company. I researched on __________________'s reputation, how it has faired in the business world. I also predicted the fulfillment I will have with the position of interest. I also performed a SWOT analysis and compared it to the requirements of the job. It is shown as follows:
After the preparations, I then wrote an application letter, prepared my resume and collected endorsement letters. The completion of the aforesaid documents for application was a long process. To be sure I observe the proper format; I consulted books and reputable sources online. I also asked the assistance of people I know. I made the effort to make my application documents impressive for I am aware that these are the first things an HR manager will base his impressions on.
I ...
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The process of job application can be centered on either one of two focal points: financial satiation or personal fulfillment. Of the two points of focus, I prefer the latter. It is with the goal of personal fulfillment that I, a job applicant, can find a job that I can stay in for long term…
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