Problem Solving

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It takes tools for people to solve problems. Some of the most popular tools that are used by individuals for this purpose are knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, information, and date. The purpose of this essay is to discuss these tools and answer specific questions that were provided regarding them.


One that is tightly optimised for an initial set of conditions might be more efficient whilst those conditions prevail but fail totally should conditions change. And in today's business world, conditions change daily."
The original meaning of Ashby's Law dealt with people attempting to keep a system stable. The controller of the system is better able to control it the more options he has. Variety of action controls variety of input (Wyrdology).
According to Bellinger, Castro, and Mills (2009, pg. 1), "According to Russell Ackoff, a systems theorist and professor of organizational change, the content of the human mind can be classified into five categories: Data: symbols; Information: data that are processed to be useful; provides answers to "who", "what", "where", and "when" questions; Knowledge: application of data and information; answers "how" questions; Understanding: appreciation of "why"; Wisdom: evaluated understanding."
Ackoff indicates that the first four categories relate to the past; they deal with what has been or what is known. Only the fifth category, wisdom, deals with the future because it incorporates vision and design. With wisdom, people can create the future rather than just grasp the present and past. ...
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