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History of Search Engines Introduction Search engines are a part of the web and these have turned to be an essential element for the purpose of web interaction. The search engines not only deal with the information requests but also the search engines in the present time act as a means of finding ways.


This was the period when the initial search engines had started tagging the premature web. Gradually, the need and the importance of having proper visibility and appropriate position of one’s sites were identified by the site owners. This gave rise to the need and the popularity of the search engines (Vlachynsky, 2010). The search engines are even made use of by the people as functions that facilitate in conducting and performing e-commerce operations. People constantly make fresh and progressively more diverse use of the search engines. As a result, these search engines are continually attempting to enhance the recovery facets related to their services. It needs to be mentioned in this regard that a fresh innovation for the purpose of enhancing web recovery was the process of sponsored search. The process of sponsored search refers to the process where the suppliers of content make payments to the search engines for the reason of traffic leading to their respective websites from the sources of search engines (Jansen & Mullen, 2008). Literature Review The history behind the means of search in the Internet emerged in the period of 1990. This gave birth to ‘Archie’ which was made by a team of students from the McGill University of Montreal. Their creation Archie was a program which involved collecting information and was script-based. ...
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