Hardships faces by youth after leaving foster care

Hardships faces by youth after leaving foster care  Dissertation example
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Potential Hardship Young Adults Encounter after Foster Care Name Institution Task Date This research paper focuses on the potential hardships that young adults aged 19 to 25 years who are leaving foster care face. It considers their lifestyles after they have left these homes and the approaches taken to make them responsible and self sufficient people.


The research tries to give more insight on the questions concerning the reconstruction of the youth lives after they have left foster care. The paper will try to expound on the thesis which focuses on determining if the time spent in the institutions really helps them in becoming responsible and accountable citizens. The paper tries to resolve the question as to how the youths aged 19 to 25 years fare when they have joined the outside world after leaving foster care. The research intends to shed some light of the following questions; do the youths attain self-sufficiency after leaving the homes? What educational attainments do they get from the homes? What connections do they have with other adults in the outside world? What are their experiences with the issue of homelessness once they have left foster care? What can be done to equip these children with skills that will make them responsible?. It will also concern itself with establishing whether the youths indulge in high-risk behaviors after leaving foster care and the effects of the behaviors on their lives. Another major aim of this paper will be to establish whether the children leaving foster care have continued access to insurance cover on their health. ...
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