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The effect of EDPA and FDPA on students' final examination results (You can change this) - Article Example

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The effect of EDPA and FDPA on students' final examination results (You can change this)

school or college, to score well in the examination, students are now taking the help of private tuitions, specialized coaching centers as well as in modern times some software as well which are designed to evaluate the answers of the students based on their study materials and helping them to figure out where they stands before the examination.
Topic of Discussion:The main question of this paper is how important is additional drill or technology for the better results in the examination. At the same time the paper is also give a comparative study of two offline technology namely EDPA and FDP and analyze based on a survey which one is better for the students.
The school and college level exams bring a big pressure for the students as well as their parents also. The research has shown that the pressure of examination or weight of scoring high marks in examination always generate some anxietymind and in the heart of the student. To overcome those there are number of new theories in the present education system. Mainly the technology has changed the way students used to prepare themselves for studies and examination.
The current trend of education is more or less based on one common idea and that is the last mistake is the best teacher of the student. From the early part of 1990s, the “constructivist revolution” as mentioned by Mayer (2004) has brought new conceptions of learning and the demand for life-long learning is omnipresent. To prepare students for better future as well as making them well equipped with the future corporate challenges, various educational institutes are now changing their tactics from vocational training to supervisor-oriented approach and discovery learning approach. In both of these approaches, the main focus is on active as well as experiential learning as a base of practical learning mode. The detail about school setting or the teaching process is a key behind better results. According to Kirschner et.al (2006) unguided or minimum ...
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In modern time, education is not only the stepping stone for the future and knowledge but at the same time many parents consider this as the most important thing to get success and well established in the future professional life. Based on the marks scored in the examination the…
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