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Teaching Conceptually and Strategies - Research Paper Example


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Teaching Conceptually and Strategies

According to Olsen and Kovalik (2010), this kind of approach to learning starts with student’s experience, then the concept taught and then the vocabularies and difficult words in the concept. If an instructor adapts this approach, he would be teaching more conceptually, thus, promoting conceptual understanding among his/her students. Another tip that can assist in moving from topically driven model is emphasizing on conceptual content of a lesson rather than the topic content. In this approach, less content is taught on a topic while making sure the concept is well understood among students. The main idea is taught in point forms where emphasis on the individual point enhances understanding. For example when teaching on human growth and development, development stages like childhood, teenage and adulthood will expound the concept. An instructor can also employ teaching materials hat represent the concept being taught. A good example is using animals’ pictures and leaves to teach ecological concepts (Pressley, 2003). This kind of approach is conceptually based as it mainly emphasizes on the conceptual understanding of the ideas being taught. The reason for this is that animals and leaves would represent the concept being taught and would reveal how such a concept could be applied. Provide an example of a time when you adjusted your current teaching approach to move toward teaching more conceptually. I adjusted my teaching approach to become more conceptual when I taught speech writing to

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Development of Teaching Strategies
Some of the underlying objectives of developing effective teaching strategies include motivating the students for learning and helping them focus their attention, organizing the information so that it becomes easy for the students to comprehend and remember it, and supervising and assessing the students’ learning.
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Research Review for teaching strategies for reading using evidence based practices for special education students
EBP is significant in the education field because it enables the teacher to implement effective teaching strategies, which can enable them to meet the needs for individual students effectively. This approach can enable students with disabilities to improve their reading and writing skills; hence becoming successful in the future.
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Teaching strategies to students with severe disabilities who are second language learners
As a result, they are often delayed in their development and their expected learning milestones. For students who are second language learners, the process of learning is even more difficult because they cannot understand the medium of instruction. The challenge is for teachers to develop strategies which can help manage these learning difficulties and barriers.
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Teaching Plan
The spread of HIV/AIDS in the 21st century has led to increased concentration of nurse teachers on educating people about the causes and effects of HIV/AIDS infections (Prater, 2011). The nurses have produced varieties of materials, which provide excellent starting points when educating people.
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Teaching and learning strategies integration
3). The process of learning is complex and in adult education, individual learning styles have acquired a significant role in the teaching process. In this paper, ten teaching strategies that
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Visual Teaching Strategies On Children With Autism
According to the paper learning is simpler when it is made visually. In PECS, children with autism are able to commence communication by handing out picture cards interconnected to what they thinking of. Reading through all this, one may think that he or she can instantaneously start using the PECS approach with his or her child. PECS is not merely handing out pictures to the child with autism and anticipating him or her to right away communicate with it.
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Teaching strategies
If individuals cannot manage their emotions, whilst in the learning setting, these emotions are likely to be in command of the manner in which they grasp concepts in the classroom. In the case of studying language,
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Teaching Conceptually and Strategies
However, there are three tips that can really assist in such an undertaking. One of the major strategies is using a brain compatible approach of teaching. According to Olsen and Kovalik (2010), this
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Teaching and Learning Approaches and Strategies in STEM Education
The education system excludes the consideration of other subject such as languages and history. Breiner (2012) point out that the STEM education strives to increase the
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Teaching paper
why young adults get stressed include unemployment, the transition to self dependence, drug addiction, relationship problems and students who are on the verge of facing a major exam (Kottler & Chen, 2012). This document develops a teaching plan for students in young adults both
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8th grade students. Since I was to teach about speech, I collected several speeches written by different authors and speech articles from magazines. Before introducing the concept of speech writing, I first required the students to read the speeches and discuss the structure and content with their fellow students. I later introduced the concept of speech writing and related it to the different speeches they had read. After that I taught the students what constitutes a good speech and told them to identify which one among the speeches they had read was an illustration of a good speech. Requiring the students to read the speech could have been taken as the way of creating a conceptual experience among the students before introducing the concept. In this case, I related the concept with the experience I had created among students. This assisted me in promoting not only the conceptual understanding among my students but also the understanding of how to apply the concepts to deliver a good speech. My teaching approach in this case was more conceptual than topically based. The main achievement was that I was able to incorporate ideas taught in another topic to make my students understand the topic of speech writing much better. Select and analyze three of the best and three of the worst practices that you found. Explain your reasoning for selecting these practices. One of the best practices that can be adapted in teaching is motivating students to learn (Stone, 2008). In practice, students should be promised rewards if they achieve a certain level of conceptual understanding. Another best practice is differentiating the structure and content of instruction to fit a concept (Stone, 2008). Within this kind of practice, teachers should adjust the way they give instructions to promote conceptual understanding among the students. Using external teaching material in class is another example of excellent practice


Provide at least three tips for moving from topically driven model of instruction to conceptually driven model Today’s teaching conceptually is one of the most effective ways of training in modern society. It focuses the instruction on conceptual ideas rather than thoughtless application of procedures (Sowder, 1998)…
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Teaching Conceptually and Strategies essay example
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