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What challenges do the educational philosophies of Paulo Freire and Waldorf schools pose - Research Paper Example

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What challenges do the educational philosophies of Paulo Freire and Waldorf schools pose

What challenges do the educational philosophies of Paulo Freire and Waldorf schools pose?

The Waldorf schools on the other hand rely on the educational philosophy which was developed by Steiner Rudolph. The educational philosophy of the Waldorf schools is mainly based on the belief that various developmental stages in children are the best when it comes to children learning different things. This is so because it is believed that children can only learn different things in life when their physical, spiritual and intellectual capabilities are in terms with the kind of information presented to them (Petrash, 2002). The essay below seeks to address the challenges posed by the educational philosophies of the Waldorf schools and Paulo Freire to the testing requirements of state and local school districts. The testing requirements in the state and local district schools have received challenges in various ways by the educational philosophy of Paulo Freire. Most of the state and local district schools have a tendency of not giving their students a voice of their own. Therefore if, the Paulo philosophy is incorporated in the local and state district schools, then the students will tend to be more demanding. In such cases when students are more demanding, the relationship between the students and the teachers becomes mayhem (Freire, 2000). Once the teacher-student relationship becomes chaotic, then the testing requirements of the schools are negatively affected. The students may feel oppressed by the teachers when the teachers fail to meet their demands, and this makes them be violent. ...Show more


Education philosophy by Paulo Freire is approached on the basis that the world is surrounded by the oppressors and the oppressed in the education system. In his philosophy, Paulo equates the teachers to the oppressors and students are equated to the oppressed…
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What challenges do the educational philosophies of Paulo Freire and Waldorf schools pose essay example
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