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RIVER FLOW ANALYSIS Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Introduction The requirement of this paper is to provide a feasibility phase for tinning factory. The proposed development site for this factory borders the flood plain of Boyd River. The new site will be able to displace the flood region of River Boyd which is located at Bitton as well as to displace the course of the river flow.


This is because if the runoff is not minimized then a lot of destruction will be done to the environment. As a consulting engineering hydrologist, my task will include carrying out preliminary assessment before authorization of the development plans. The preliminary assessment will include water resource assessment, drainage assessment, and flood risk assessment. All these preliminary assessments require critical flow analysis of Boyd River so as to ascertain the strength of the river flow (Black, 1996). Methodology The data for the flow analysis of Boyd River will be obtained from the official website of the Environmental Agency. This site will be able to provide a recent map of Boyd River as well as other essential data regarding the river. Apart from this, more data will be obtained from the actual Boyd River site. This would act as a primary data and the collection instruments to be used will be stream gauges. These gauges are able to provide accurate data since they are able to measure the amount of water that flows in an open channel. The current meter is one of such gauges that will be used. This gauge is accurate because it combines both river velocity as well as the angular velocity of the rotor on the meter. ...
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