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Building Information Modeling (BIM) For Sustainable Design

Introduction 29 5.2. Kiowa County School, Greensburg, Kansas 29 6. Results and Discussion 33 7. References 37 Building Information Modeling for Sustainable Design 1. Chapter One: Introduction 1.1. Impact of Building Construction on Environment Building construction is one of the oldest human activities on the earth. The proverb “necessity is the mother of invention” probably evoked in human talent for creating a controlled environment in order to moderate the effects of climate. Human beings constructed shelters to adapt themselves to a wide variety of climates (Encyclopedia of Britannica, n.d.). This is how emerged a new activity, which is called building construction. Centuries of development have established three principal characteristics of building construction; design, material, and comfort. The history of evolution of building construction has marked number of trends that are associated with these characteristics. Among them are search for increasing durability of building materials, quest for providing greater height and span to the construction, implementation of innovative approaches to increase the degrees of control over the interior environment of the building as well as the use of more robust machineries in construction (Encyclopedia of Britannica, n.d.). The present state of building construction is the result of many evolutionary processes like agrarian, industrial, and digital. ...
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Building Information Modeling for Sustainable Design Name of the Institution Table of Contents 1. Chapter One: Introduction 3 1.1. Impact of Building Construction on environment 3 1.2. Summary 6 2. Chapter 2: Sustainable Design 6 2.1. The Concept 6 2.2…
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