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The feedback system is designed so well that it updates the status of input torque in fraction of a second and as a result exoskeleton keeps working accordingly; and works well with frequent torque changes. A heel pressure sensor is required that produces an electrical signal whenever heel touches the ground or force is sensed on the heels because of its interaction with the ground. Signal from this sensor helps in regulating the sequential movement of the exoskeleton. These force sensors are usually generated by making use of a couple of force sensors but in our design use of a simple piezoelectric or capacitive device works well as a heel sensor and is placed on the heel of the exoskeleton design on the side that is directly in touch with the ground. In order to accurately track the force applied by the user to the legs on the exoskeleton distributed force sensors will be used. These sensors help in measuring distributed forces being applied by the human body over a specified area rather than collective force applied to the entire leg. This approach of distributed force helps to track the applied force at any given point on the leg during the gait to check for proper rehabilitation of the leg. Sensors placed under each heel will sense whether the foot is in contact with the ground, signaling to the leg that the motion should come back to a standing phase. ...
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Force Sensor Force sensors will be used in exoskeleton design of lower limb to measure the amount of force that is being applied at a specific point on the exoskeleton at any time in order to establish feedback control. The exoskeleton is designed to stabilize patient’s body weight while walking…
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