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Overload Protection Systems and Mechanics of Machines Overload Protection Systems and Their Applications Machines and electrical equipment while useful in the performance of work can pose a lot of danger to people and equipment in case they experience faults or are subjected to overloads.


57). There are different overload protection systems that exist, each with its specific function and application. In industries that involve the movement of heavy loads, overload protection systems are installed to ensure that the machine, equipment and people are protected against injustices or damages that may occur in case the machine is loaded beyond its capacity (Gurevich 2003, p. 183). Systems that protect against weight overload commonly exist on cranes and elevators. There are also machines that work in environments that feature a lot of heat. Some machines are installed with protection systems to prevent them from damage by extreme heat or cold. These systems are fitted with sensors that prevent them from functioning normally under adverse thermal conditions. One example of an overload protection system used in cranes is the LKV Crane Overload Guard. Figures 1 and 2 show the LKV Crane Overload Guard. Fig. 1 & 2: LKV Crane Overload Guard Courtesy of The guard is attached to a line part that is stationary. The guard is installed such that the wire is deflected slightly between the clamping jaw and the two wheels (Unirope 2013, par. 3). The rope tends to straighten when the system is subjected to a load. When this happens, a force is applied to the clamping jaw as well as to the pull rod. ...
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