Listed buildings: residential house to boutique hotel

Listed buildings: residential house to boutique hotel Essay example
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Listed Buildings: Residential house to Boutique Hotel Name: Institution: Date: Introduction There are many historical buildings which no longer achieve the purpose for which they were built to accomplish. Such buildings can however achieve better usage if subjected to variations and refurbishment procedures.


Such measures are meant to restrain eroding the historical fabric of the listed buildings. In this report, an existing dilapidated residential graded II listed stately home is considered for conversion into a luxurious boutique hotel. The luxurious hotel to be constructed from the building will also host a conference suite and meeting rooms. The report will consider a number of factors including the existing condition of the building, modifications suggested and the construction approach which will be adopted for the building. Appraisal of the likely condition of the building The building is made of traditional masonry construction. It has timber floors and pitched roof structure. The external windows are made from original timber sashes. Its scheme includes an expansive modern rear 3-story extension which houses a fitness gymnasium, health spa, and there is also an outdoor swimming pool. The four years without being inhabited has seen marginal deterioration in its condition. Other than the decaying welsh slate roofing, there are other areas likely to have deteriorated over the time (Brian, 2000). In appraising the likely condition of the building, a number of considerations will be made, more particularly in respect of the key areas which might be affected by reconstruction works. ...
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