the different between simulated reverberation using corner speakers in the room and real reverberation - Research Paper Example

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the different between simulated reverberation using corner speakers in the room and real reverberation

Another researcher has found that the effects of steady-state suppression are similar in simulated and real reverberant environments. Therefore, there are advances that are closing the gap between the simulated and real reverberant environments, and there are commonalities as well. The following describes the differences between the two environments as well as the common ground that they share. Simulated verses Real Reverberation Simulated reverberation creates a diotic sound field (like loudspeaker in front) prone to spectral cancellations. C.f. to “amplitude mapping” / “summing localisation”. The diotic sound field may be replicated by the researcher, such as with the study done by Arai et al. (2007). They wanted to evaluate the effect of overlap-masking on speech intelligibility, so they conducted a study where they presented stimuli diotically through headphones connected to a computer. They were further able to adjust the sound level to the comfort of each subject. They found that the intelligibility of speech in reverberation was inversely correlated with the amount of overlap-masking (Arai et al., 2007, p. 440). ...Show more


Introduction Reverberant conditions can be either simulated or natural. Simulated reverberant conditions tend to be diotic, which means that they produce one sound for each ear simultaneously. On the other hand, real reverberation tends to be diffuse, which is the result of multiple sounds bouncing off of irregular walls, such as can be found in concert halls…
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