Engineering and Construction
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Introduction As a Contract Administrator it is my responsibility to apprise you of various laws and regulations that are imposed on the construction industry for HSE. Your work experience is largely outside of Britain. It is necessary that you be informed of the various regulations, legislation, liabilities and recommendations as per construction site HSE in Britain.


The size of your project demands that you will need to employ a full time CDM coordinator too. The CDM coordinator will be responsible for compliance with CDM regulations. CDM 2007 stipulates that the CDM coordinator must be a competent person. Moreover, CDM 2007 expects that all parties involved in the project will cooperate and coordinate with each other. All involved parties are also stipulated to coordinate in such a manner that health and safety of the people involved in the construction and the people affected by the construction are not compromised. Prevention has also been subscribed for all people involved in the project including (but not limited to) designers, managers, contractors, clients. This set of regulations defines a client as the party involved in getting the construction done whether for business or other purposes. The client is supposed to ensure that only such practices are allowed in the design and management of the construction that do not threaten the health and safety of anyone. Contractors are directed to provide their employees with information and training to deal with workplace hazards. ...
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