Temporary Works to Superstructures (Slabs) Essay example
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Name Professor Course Date Engineering Energy is the aptitude to perform work or accomplish a task. Very several different types of energy exist in various forms. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, but is only transformed from one form to another. A good illustration is the study into the mechanism involved in making the crossbreed vehicle.


The braking system applies friction on the tire during braking and as a result, the kinetic energy is converted to heat and sometimes noise. However, the hybrid car is so energy conservative such that it uses its energy with minimal losses. The energy is converted into electrical energy by the motor installed on the car and is stored in the battery. Thus, in place of the normal braking system of friction, the car uses the electric motor. The motor runs in the opposite direction to the tires, and in so doing acts as generator, converting the lost energy into electrical energy for storage in the battery. The earth’s potential energy The earth is another system that has got very much energy pent up within its interior. This energy manifests itself in various ways, but the most common is the earth tremors and earthquakes that are experienced. This energy moves in the earth’s interior as waves referred to as seismic waves. These waves cause the movement of the earth plates. Once these waves meet and slip over each other, the pent up energy is released promptly and is propagated to the earths surface inform of seismic waves. ...
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