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Name Institution Date Hardness test. Abstract. Hardness refers to a measure of the extent of resistance for a solid matter towards different types of permanent shapes whenever some amount of force is applied to the solid matter. The macroscopic hardness is hardness with intermolecular bonds that are strong.


In order to understand the hardness of different materials, an experiment was set to investigate the hardness of various materials using the Rockwell Hardness test. The materials that were tested in this experiment include brass, aluminium, steel, and iron. Using the Rockwell scale, the measurements of hardness of each material were determined. The same process was repeated five times and an average for the measurements determined. The key objectives of this experiment are; to establish the hardness measurements of aluminium, brass, steel, and iron, and to compare and contrast the hardness of aluminium, brass, 1018 steel, and cast iron. Cast iron was found to have a higher harness value than the other metals. Introduction. Rockwell scale involves a scale of hardness that relies on hardness indentation of a material. This test is used to determine the extent of hardness through taking the measurements of the penetration depth of an indenter on a load that is large in comparison to the preload’s penetration. During testing, the hardness indentation is linearly correlated to the tensile strength. These traits are vital because they allow the non-destructive bulk metal testing to occur. This paper explores a report on the use of the Rockwell test to determine the hardness of various materials. ...
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