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Engineering and Construction
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Contractual Procedures: Report on the Recommendation for Implementation of Contract JCT SBC (2011). Name of student Course code Instructor Date due Introduction Contract administration is the process and procedures entailed towards ensuring the successful delivery/ implementation of a civil engineering project.


The project must be delivered within the stipulated time and within the projected budget cost. Such expectations with time require strict operation and ultimate discipline especially with procurement and implementation. Considerations when Accepting a Contractor’s Work Programme When evaluating the possibility of accepting a contractor’s work programme in regard to a construction project, various points must be considered. Ashworth (2006) asserts that the key concerns towards the acceptance of the programme will be considered in the pre-construction conference. During this conference, I as the contract administrator will verify whether the contractor has been able to provide pre-requisite documents as required for the project before issuing the Notice to Proceed. These documents include certificates of insurance, letters of credit as bond for the project cost which should be 40% of the project cost, building permits and contractor’s license. This process ensure that third party liability and accidents surrounding the project are adequately covered thus ensuring the safety of the project. The contractor’s license will give an assurance towards the eligibility of the contractor and give an indication into his experience to carry out the stipulated works (Chappell 2006). ...
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