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Name Instructor Course Date I-35 Bridge Report Abstract This report is a brief outline of the events before, during, and after the collapse “of the I-35W Bridge.” It was carried out by “the National Incident Management System” (NIMS); the body in charge of emergency preparedness and incident management.


Finally, the report also focuses on the rehabilitation “of the I-35W Bridge” and practices that have been adopted in the construction and maintenance of bridges. It shows how various organizations in fire and emergence, law enforcement and environmental monitoring, can reduce the impact of a possible tragedy like that of the collapse of I-35W Bridge to cause minimal loss of lives and property. Table of contents 1. Introduction 2. I-35W bridge maintenance and construction 3. Emergency Assistance after the Collapsed Bridge 4. Impact “of the I-35W Bridge Collapse on the Current Practices” 5. Conclusion 1) Introduction The 35W Mississippi River Bridge maintained by state of Minnesota, collapsed on the evening of 1st of August 2007, killing thirteen people and injuring another 121 people. Unfortunately, there were approximately 120 vehicles during the collapse estimated to be carrying 160 people. This collapse was unexpected and the immediate task at that moment, was to rescue the people in the bridge, some of whom had fallen into the water and others trapped in their vehicles. To add insult to injury, some of the vehicles had caught fire making firefighting to be the first priority action. ...
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