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Literature Review on Economic Value of BIM [Name of Student] [Name of Institution] Literature Review The basis of this research will be the comprehensive review of all the available, accessible and relevant literatures and researches associated with BIM, its technologies and its economic benefits to the stakeholders of the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sectors.


Importantly, the literature review will give the study a rather vital starting point and framework, especially for an incisive comparative analysis of the current, past and future status of BIM and other technologies in the construction industry. Generally, the last three decades have seen a tremendous upsurge in the number of literatures written on BIM and other computer technologies applied in the construction, architecture and engineering sectors. In some of the old and even recent literary materials, BIM is also portrayed as a comparatively new subject, serving the interests of the AEC sciences and the construction industry (Wong & Wong, 2010). These literatures also emphasise the role of BIM in availing excellent opportunities for academics, researchers and practitioners to significantly contribute to the development and further implementation of BIM across AEC sectors of economy. Among the most popular topics in the reviewed literatures include BIM implementation in architectural and construction practice, the influence of BIM on construction management, the changes that BIM creates to the cost estimation, virtual construction development and collaborative technique in construction industry. ...
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