Modern soil stabilization methods in condition of a dense urban environment

Modern soil stabilization methods in condition of a dense urban environment Research Paper example
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Title: Modern Soil Stabilization Methods in Condition of a Dense Urban Environment Abstract: Urban areas in the modern times are experiencing vacancies in their properties and underutilization of lands largely due to the poor quality of the soils making it unable for construction and other activities to be done.


The present study is focused on the methods of soil stabilization, the modern day techniques and materials that are available, and the need and understanding of the methods such that soil stabilization in the urban dense areas can be successfully achieved improving the conditions of the soil, increasing their strength and making them more capable of bearing loads. Introduction: Stabilization of soil refers to the process of soil treatment through the use of chemicals or mechanically. This is primarily done to improve the engineering properties of the soil. The chemical materials that are in common used for the purpose include lime, fly ash, and cement. Mechanical substances include geotextiles and geogrids. The use of cement treated bases generally assists in upgradation of the quality of the soil. There are several reasons for the need of soil stabilization. These essentially include the strengthening of the soil since stabilization of soil increases the strength of the soil that is already in existence thereby improving its capacity to bear loads. Also, soil stabilization enables control of dust and allows waterproofing of the soil. With control in dust, the dust that is generated as a result of use of different tools and instruments may be eradicated. Waterproofing enables preservation of the natural strength of soil by preventing the entry of water travelling from the surface (Ana, 2011). ...
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