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Toulmin style

n court without any other evidences but the confession, as police use of deceit often leads to false confessions and therefore imprisonment of innocent people.
Even though the Fifth Amendment provides a person with the right to refuse confessing in something that the person has never done, police detectives often use a lot of deceptive methods in order to retrieve confessions from their suspects. However, it often happens that police workers start abusing their authority and frighten suspects so much that they start being afraid for their lives and decide to confess in what they’ve never done against their real will in order to improve their situations at least for a little bit and shorten their terms by cooperating with police (Najdowski & Bonventre 2014). For instance, police detectives may tell a suspect that they have got something on him, like fingerprints or witnesses who saw him doing the crime, and there is no way out for him, so if he wants to shorten his sentence, he can make a deal with police and confess. Although in fact policemen don’t have any proofs of the crime, the suspect doesn’t know it and confesses which is difficult to take back later.
Use of trickery and different deceptive psychological techniques during the interrogation process makes a suspect to admit doing the crime, which later leads to the entire case going to the wrong path of investigation. A research on the matter of false confessions conducted by Conti has come up with two kinds of false confessions. The “coerced-compliant” (Conti 1999) confessions happen when a suspect gets entangled in current state of affairs of the case and doesn’t really realize whether what detectives tell him could possibly be true or false. Thus he becomes frightened and stressed out because of police coercions and gives up just get it done, even though he knows he hasn’t done anything wrong. Thus a person might be aware of the fact that he hasn’t done anything wrong but thinking of the ...
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Police use of deceit during interrogations is a very contradictory issue; as such methods of interrogations like speculation with evidences and blackmailing on the part of police make national law enforcement system less trustworthy and citizens start doubting their safety…
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