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Managerial Decision Making Name Instructor Task Date Abstract The progress that high managerial performance issues are becoming additionally serious in today’s escalating circumstances of competition. The consequences of human resource purposes and managerial culture to execute a considerable managerial competence draw both scholars’ and practitioners’ attention more.


PART 1 Formal research and business proposal are terminologies that bear commonalities and differences. While formal research is defined as conducting an experiment under proscribed conditions so as to find out, reveal or assess a hypothesis, business proposal is defined as the methodical collection of information with the objective of arriving at the most appropriate solution for a given problem or situation. Each one possesses its relevance and significance in the business scenery, while still they have characteristics that are distinct to each other. This paper will, therefore, seek to establish these attributes by establishing the commonalities and differences between the two terminologies. It will also establish the capabilities of one in disparity with the capabilities of the other. Later, it will explore the effects of human resources subcontracted on leadership performance and employee commitment. Commonalities The two terminologies, ‘formal research’ and ‘business proposal’ have both commonalities and differences. One aspect present in a formal research is that it does not necessarily need presentation with a heading or subheadings. This feature is also present in a business proposal. Further, the two have an introduction and a conclusion. ...
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